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PetSmart: Buy Zoo Med Tortoise /Lizard Food - A favorite food of all North American desert tortoises and giant skinks!
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If you feed the wrong foods to your tortoise, it will grow too quickly, AVOID giving your tortoise foods that contains high levels of protein.
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Cut down on feeding to encourage browsing on natural food . Tortoises are programmed to cope with a slow diet of dry fibrous foods , if for any reason
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By wandering over a wide area, and by consuming such a variety of foods , tortoises ensure that their overall intake is well-balanced and can supply the
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The following diet guidelines will help ensure the health and longevity of a captivedesert tortoise . Tortoises will accept many foods that are not good for
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10 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 30 Jun 2007what is your tortoises fav food , ours seems to like tomatoes and clovers. the person we got him off says he likes dandelions, what do yours
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The use of these foods as a base for your tortoise's dietary management will go a long way to promoting NATURAL GROWTH. As mentioned elsewhere on this site
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18 Dec 2009 If you feed your tortoises too much of the foods that should be fed in relatively small amounts or occasionally, you risk causing health
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Natural foods after all, are what a tortoise would generally eat if not in captivity, and duplicating wild diets as closely as possible will help to
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Pretty Pets Small and Large Tortoise Food is a healthy, balanced diet for many types of land tortoises and is packed full with vitamins and minerals.
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Your Healthy Tortoise Diet Guide Below is a small selection of the types of food your tortoise can eat and things it must avoid. Plants. Dandelion
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Rep-Cal Tortoise Food is formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition. It is a veterinarian recommended food
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To keep your tortoise healthy, you need to feed it good tortoise food . You probably have most of it in your yard or in your kitchen.
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Whilst it is true that tortoises are very efficient at extracting moisture from their food , drinking helps them to flush waste and toxins from the body and
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