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In a food chain , each species occupies a certain position in the chain. This position is called a trophic level. For example, owls eat mice , so if a food
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Pet Mice and Rats question: A food chain of a mouse ? nuts,fruts,squirrel, mouse , bobcat,wolfthere is a food web for a mouse .
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May 23, 2010 Small mammals -- and rest of food chain -- at greater risk from "Deer mice just kind of eat everything, they live everywhere and they don't
Transfer of cadmium in a phytoplankton-oyster- mouse food chain
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FOOD CHAIN / FOOD WEB ACTIVITY Put the following organisms in order to make a food chain . . mouse . FOOD WEB CONSTRUCTION. 7) Draw a food web on your own
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A food chain is a simplified look at how that energy is transferred from one eat the mouse has to find another source of food, since it eats live prey.
Small mammals -- and rest of food chain -- at greater risk from
by JT Hardy - 1984 - Cited by 9 - Related articlesmium in an oyster- mouse food chain . Details of the absorption, retention and organ distribution of cad- mium within mice feeding on an oyster-Cd enriched
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grass ---> grasshopper --> mouse ---> snake ---> hawk. Note that even though I said the food chain is the path of food from a given final consumer back to a
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A food chain can have as many as three to four consumers. First level consumers feed directly on plants; an example of this would be a mouse .
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If it ate a mouse , that mouse may have consumed seeds from any number of plants. None of these food chains is exactly alike, which makes studying energy
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All food chains start with a producer. The arrows in the food chain below depict the third and fourth order consumers (field mouse , snake, owl).
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12 May 2008 plz put these in a food chain order :) thanks Food chains always start with a producer like a plant. After that it would sort of go from big to
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24 Feb 2010 Pass your mouse over each element for a description. -. Select the Next button to show the first level. Make a food chain by dragging
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Feeding Relationships Activity Each animal and plant can be thought of as a link in a chain. . An example of a three-link food chain is: grass - mouse - owl
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Desert food chains and food webs. In a mammal, such as the desert pocket mouse , food is consumed and converted to energy. The mouse , being warm-blooded,
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