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 2 reviews - Price range: Under $15 per main12 Jun 2010 Piadina Slowfood , International Restaurant in CBD. See 1 critic review and 1 user review. Reviews from critics, food blogs and fellow
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14 May 2010 How Can Food Be Slow? - What is Slow Food really all about and will you actually have to wait that long for your dinner?
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Slow Food Melbourne NewsSlow Food Melbourne Becoming the Head of Slow Food Melbourne has been an exciting and illuminating experience into the higher
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11 Mar 2008 Came across a neat little video on the Gourmet magazine website (US) about the slowfood movement in Australia (in particular, Melbourne ).
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22 Feb 2010 I'm known as a bit of a foodie amongst my friends. However, at food quiz Gastronomica I discovered that my small font of knowledge was
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Search our website for Slow Food Australia projects, convivia and other events, SLOW Food in Australia has called for applications from producers,
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The birth of the car as we know it today took several years and the works and developments of many people. It was not until 1885 that the first car rolled
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Greetings from Slow Food Melbourne ! Come along and revel in fabulous local produce, direct from the 60+ growers and makers who gather on the 4th Saturday
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THE ABYSSINIAN - SLOW FOOD FROM THE HORN OF AFRICA. Discover the Horn of Africa here in Kensington, Melbourne , and explore the great tastes, sounds,
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A Complete Guide to the Best Restaurants for the Finest Dining Experiences. Browse and Review Piadina Slow - Food today.
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"You'll love it", enthused the scout about Piadina Slow Food . He was right and we think you'll love it too! Just follow your senses - the smell of real
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20 Oct 2007 Piadina Slowfood restaurant information and reviews. Sometimes smaller is better , as this tiny cafe attests.
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Beyond these exotic sarnies, they serve a range of delicious and warming dishes, made with the slow food philosophy in mind. These dishes are described on a
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Smarten up about what you eat and cook – the Slow Food Melbourne Farmers' Market is here to introduce you to the food you work with.
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